Work Ethic

Operating Philosophy and Principles

In the interest of giving back to God and the community, Garages PLUS Inc. is committed to establishing, running, and developing ethical business and personal practices throughout its organization and mission. In the interest of conducting a professional, ethical, respectful and Christian business, the following guidelines are adhered to:

• No drugs or alcohol permitted on the job site.
• Profanity of any type is not tolerated.
• Extreme music is not allowed.
• Quality of Construction and our customers goals are our highest priority.
• Timeliness and punctuality are expected.
• Respect and courtesy will be extended to all of our colleagues and clients.
• The job site shall be continually kept clean and neat.

Sundays are spent in worship, fellowship and thanksgiving and are treated as a day of rest.

Garages PLUS Inc. works from an individual “Scope of Work” prepared for each project and it represents your complete turnkey structure.  This means everything being provided by Garages PLUS  Inc. is clearly stated so that you the customer know exactly what you are paying for.  Items like the garage door size and type, window and walk in door sizes, layout on the walls and roof trusses, concrete work, type shingles and siding, what utilities are being provided for and sheetrock and insulation are clearly defined.  This allows you as the homeowner to be confident that the finished project is what you expected it to be.

There are no hidden “add-on” requirements or surprise costs. All Garages PLUS Inc. structures are complete and are built to complement and match your home.

We strive to use the best craftsmen and subcontractors, and we have developed a committed relationship with some of the most outstanding construction professionals in our area. It is because of these relationships that we are able to work with you, using scheduled response times and fair pricing on all of our professional labor costs.

References are available upon request and we also welcome the opportunity to show you in person some of our current projects both under construction and completed.

Photographs are actual construction projects of Garages PLUS, Inc.. Floor plans, elevations and drawings are for general representation purposes only.