About Us

Garages Plus Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenandoah Land Development and Construction, Inc., which has been building custom homes and custom Jim Barna log homes since 1999.

Garages Plus knows that your garage is an important part of your home. Your house is different and uniquely situated on your land. We seldom find homeowners who simply want another “parking space” or a “cookie cutter” garage that doesn’t enhance the appearance or value of their home.

We anticipate a variety of situations, and we expect you will have unique wants and needs. First, we come to your home to discuss your specific needs and wants and make a visual assessment of your situation. Second, we compile this information and prepare your “Scope of Work” –  a detailed account of the work to be done, the materials being used and the costs involved. Third, any adjustments to design and budget are configured and presented to the homeowner. As soon as a final Scope of Work is approved, we begin construction.

Matthew Fariss is the president and owner of Garages Plus, Inc. and Shenandoah Land Development and Construction, Inc. He is a licensed and bonded residential contractor with licenses in North and South Carolina. Matthew has been in the building industry ever since he attended Bob Jones University. Having specialized in log home construction, he also has extensive expertise in conventional home construction, as well as custom buildings. There are a number of his hand-crafted homes and buildings throughout North and South Carolina.